There are many different mixes of concrete, and a formula that is perfect for one job may be problematic on the next. When installing a concrete driveway, the concrete's strength, air entrainment ...
Aircrete Online workshop for Super Adobe, Aircrete, Underground Water Tank, Biochar Filter Best Aircrete Foaming Agents for your money. Breaking down the coast of the different foaming agents.

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Apr 22, 2010 · Spice up your next house party with this diy foam machine. [Stephen Martin] posted his PDF plans for version 1 and version 2 of the device. It seems the deciding factor on the machine is the type o… Open source specifics for constructing an aircrete dome home with a loft. This is the same size planned for the complete open source sustainable Earthbag Construction Village. During the crowdfunding campaign we will be comparing this method to earthbag construction to determine if it is preferable. If it is, we'll build the village this way instead.

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The Blactcrete RD3665 is my personal favorite as the best full on DIY shotcrete pump. If you are pushing for 70-100 yards per day with readymix ,this is your pump. If a pump salesman tries to sell you on a 30 YPH monster pump, ask him who is going to hold the hose, because I guaranty it won’t be one or two people.

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Shop Best Offers Multi Sport Air Domes. Our Sports Air Domes can be used for a multitude of Sports not just Tennis and Football. Have a look at our Gallery below to see the range of Sports our structures have been utilised for.

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This is a quick tutorial on how to build a simple DIY Aircrete Machine. Just note that you can use whatever parts you want but below is a list of the parts I used. 1 1/2 in PVC Pipe (you'll want at least 48 inches of PVC) Pour tube about 6 inches; Back tube about 5 inches; Front tube about 15 inches; Tube for the gun about 15 - 20 inches May 07, 2014 · Vetiver Grass, known here as Zacate Violeta “Purple Grass” is one of the world’s most useful and essential plants, and an essential component of sustainable living. Originally from India, it many hundreds of years ago, it spread to other parts of Asia, where it was discovered to be very useful for erosion control. It’s now […]

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News and building studies. The AJ keeps you up to date with the latest news, building studies, expert opinion, cultural analysis and business intelligence from the UK architecture industry.

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Hard bricks are best. But using basic kilnwash 50/50 by weight alumina and clay (ball, kaolin, etc ) will last a dozen firings at latest. Reapply and try not to over do the soda ( it pools on the floor). You could reapply fire clay at the base if you over do the soda, but you can get several firings from a soft brick kiln. See what Hunter Dog (manithehunterdog) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas.

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Bamboo Living House puts together two homes in two days. Bamboo and prefab is a match made in heaven. Just ask Bamboo Living Homes, a company that prefabricates gorgeous bamboo homes and ships the ...

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